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Save $24.01: As of April 1, grab a four-pack of Apple AirTags at Amazon for just $74.99, putting them just one cent away from their record-low price of $74.98. In total, you’ll save 24% on their $99 MSRP.

Apple AirTag (4-pack)

$74.99 at Amazon
$99.00 Save $24.01

Whether you want to keep track of your luggage or your keys, Bluetooth trackers can be a lifesaver.

For iPhone users and Apple fans, we consider the Apple AirTags the best choice, and as of April 1, they’re on sale at Amazon for just $74.99. This price puts them just one cent away from their lowest price ever (according to the price tracker camelcamelcamel) and at the best price we’ve seen in the last several months.

At full price, one AirTag costs $29 — that’d be $116 if you bought four separately, so opting for a four-pack at full price already covers the cost of about one AirTag. With this deal, you’re basically getting an AirTag and a half for free.

AirTags are especially great for travel because they don’t just rely on a Bluetooth range from your smartphone. Instead, AirTags calibrate their location as long as there’s an Apple device with Find My enabled nearby (and no matter where you go, we’re willing to bet there’s likely at least one iPhone nearby).

In addition to their impressive tracking capabilities, AirTags also come with an IP67 rating, meaning they’re splash, water, and dust resistant. They do need a separate key tag if you want to loop them on to anything, and the chime sound they make is a bit low, but we feel these are fair trade offs.

There have been some concerns about AirTags being used for unwanted tracking (as we wrote about in our initial review of them). However, Apple has teamed up with Google to stop any unwanted tracking, and actually seem to be making good on that mission.