a close-up of a woman picking up an hp chromebook plus 15.6-inch off the floor

SAVE $100: The HP Chromebook Plus 15.6-inch (Intel Core i3-N305, 8GB RAM, 128GB UFS) is on sale for $399 at Best Buy as of April 3 — a 20% discount on its $499 MSRP.

HP Chromebook Plus 15.6-inch

$399.00 at Best Buy
$499.00 Save $100.00

Google‘s Chromebook Plus series is a haven for value seekers. And while the HP Chromebook Plus 15.6-inch may not be the absolute best deal of the bunch, it’s a decidedly more compelling purchase now that it’s on sale at Best Buy.

As of April 3, the tech retailer has the HP Chromebook Plus 15.6-inch marked down to just $399. That’s $100 off its $499 sticker price, which works out to a 20% discount. Note that this is the base configuration of the Chromebook Plus 15.6-inch that includes an Intel Core i3-N305 processor, 8GB of memory, and 128GB of Universal Flash Storage (UFS). Other variants are available on the HP website starting at $599.99, though they weren’t on sale at the time of writing.

I’m hot off the heels of reviewing this Chromebook Plus and was surprised by how much I enjoyed using it, even as an Apple MacBook devotee. It zips through Google-based productivity tasks and its huge, colorful display is great for movie-watching and casual gaming. (I’d never, ever recommend it as someone’s primary rig, but it’s worth mentioning that I used the Chromebook Plus 15.6-inch to play a ton of Palworld at launch, and it never ran hot or slowed me down.)

The Chromebook Plus 15.6-inch also comes with some useful software features that are exclusive to the Chromebook Plus line, including a FileSync tool that automatically downloads your My Drive files for offline use, AI-powered webcam settings, and Google Photos Magic Eraser.

This laptop isn’t totally free from flaws, to be clear. It could benefit from a snappier keyboard, upgraded speakers, and a longer battery life. Candidly, I think it’s outpaced by some of the other new Chromebook Plus models at its regular MSRP. But for $400, it’s a really solid budget buy.