Ariel Elias on stage.

Ariel Elias was performing at a show at a comedy club in New Jersey when a Trump supporter started heckling her, demanding an answer to the question: « Did you vote for Donald Trump? » Another heckler then threw a beer at Elias, who calmly picked up the can and took a swig.

« You can’t handle anything better than that, right? » Jimmy Kimmel said last night on his show, where Elias was set to perform.

The late night host invited Elias to make her debut on Jimmy Kimmel Live! after watching a video of the incident, which went viral.

Elias shared the video in a series of tweets in early October, which garnered over a million views in a day and now sits at 5.6 million. She also revealed that Uncle Vinnie’s, the comedy club where this occurred, was pressing charges « against the guy ». They’ve invited Elias to perform again.

Kimmel praised Elias’ performance in a tweet, to which the comedian replied, « Can I make my late night debut on your show? »

The answer was « definitely » – and Kimmel followed through. Elias was brought in to a cheering audience, where she performed a five-minute set just as Kimmel promised. A great outcome to a pretty unpleasant incident.