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If Instagram is to be believed, self care for women basically amounts to face masks and daily affirmation apps. Hot take: Sex toys are the ultimate self-care purchase.

Orgasms release oxytocin, the anti-stress hormone that gets you warm and fuzzy when cuddling, while dopamine, a neurotransmitter that regulates sleep, also makes an appearance. It stands to reason, then, that « I need to get laid » is a thing that actually makes sense to say when you’re having a rough week.

Sex toys allow you to give yourself that needed boost whenever you damn well please, and it’s empowering to not have to rely on someone else (though toys are great for spicing things up with a partner, too). Getting to know your body is also key in developing a positive relationship with yourself — the most important relationship you’ll ever have.

Are there different types of sex toys for women?

You’ve got plenty of choice when it comes to sex toys for women. We’ve listed some of the most common types:

Vibrators — Still the undisputed classic of the sex toy world. For both an external and internal buzz, vibrators have multiple speed and vibration patterns to help you get off exactly how you want.

Rampant Rabbit — Rabbit vibrators are the go-to for simultaneous internal and G-spot stimulation. They may have two motors, which really ramps up the number of vibration modes and pleasure options.

Clitoral Massagers — Little handheld gadgets that target the clitoris and usually simulate oral sex with a sucking or blowing sensation, usually achieved by pumping air. Some of these don’t even need to make contact. This work by pulsing mini sonic waves towards the right spot. 

Prostate Massagers — These curious looking toys slip into the anus and massage the prostate. This can result in a whole new level of orgasm. Never tried anal play? Give it a go on your own first.

Cock rings — OK, so they’re for men. But if you’re having some couple’s fun time, they can do a lot for you too. Some rings can buzz and vibrate and stimulate the clitoris.

Dildos and plugs — Dildos and plugs come in various shapes and sizes, and are simply used for straight-up penetration. Turns out there is a substitute for men.

Tech Toys — It’s the 21st Century and we’re finding all kinds of inventive ways to get our rocks off. There’s one app-assisted sex toy on this list, and there are plenty more out there.

We’re sure you can find other types out there, but this is a good place to start.

Do you actually need a sex toy?

Whether you’re taking some « me time » right now, or just want something to spice things up with your partner, a sex toy can help you explore new sensations and reach new levels of pleasure.

The Journal of Sex and Marital Therapy asserts that 36% of women require sustained clitoral stimulation to orgasm. A sex toy could be the difference between an unfulfilled and satisfactory sex life.

What is the best sex toy for women?

Not all sex toys are made equally: Your favourite could be an oral sex simulator or clitoral stimulation via sonic waves, or maybe something else entirely. Whatever your preference, there’s so much more available to you than those £10 high street vibrators. We’ve checked out everything on offer, and lined up a selection of sex toys for just about everyone.

These are the best sex toys for women in 2022.

Note: For the purpose of this article, we are looking primarily at toys that are intended for use by people who are assigned female at birth, which means they are recommended with the same enthusiasm for anyone with a vagina regardless of gender identity.